Noisy Coworkers: How To De-stress Yourself

Noisy coworkers can drive anyone crazy. Some days the work just keeps piling up as the coworkers continue to be loud and distracting. They can be a source of extra stress and reduced productivity. Anyone could be tempted to throw a fit right in their own cubicle. Don’t over-react though, since it is not worth […]

Ergonomics Made Easy: A Checklist Approach

Understanding and applying the principles of ergonomics consistently in an organization not only reduces the risk of employee injuries, but it also reduces an organization’s costs and increases productivity. This newly updated handbook examines 17 new workplace factors — 50 in all — to consider when implementing an ergonomics program.

Speech Privacy Systems Facilitate Open Office Space

If you are in a busy and noisy office, a speech privacy system is the right tool you can benefit from.

Office Noise Proven To Increase Business Costs

Recent research provides business owners sufficient justification for investing in systems designed to diminish office noise and corroborates the widespread experience of office workers far and wide. Anyone ever employed in a busy office knows the capacity to which office noise and conversational distractions lead to wasted time, reduced productivity, higher stress levels, and an […]

Noisy Coworker And Ways To Quiet Them Down

Encounters with less than amicable coworkers are inevitable. In spite of how irritating those coworkers may be, you will still have to cope with them on some level. Sometimes telling them that they are bothering you doesn’t do the trick, and the situation calls for more drastic measures such as getting a group of coworkers […]

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: Ergonomic Treatments

Millions of Americans have been diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome. If you’re one of them, you have pain, numbness and strange sensations in your fingers, hand, wrist and arm. These symptoms are caused by nerve entrapment, in which a nerve in your wrist that conducts sensations and pain has been pinched or crushed.

Stress Relief For Everyday Situations

Although “stress” can be defined in a number of ways, this commentary will largely spotlight the stress resulting from emotional and physical tension. Although you may not realize this, the absence of stress is also viewed to be dangerous by doctors.