Noisy Coworkers: 5 Ways To Deal With It

We all deal with noisy coworkers at some point in our careers. We must deal with them at times just by telling them nicely to stop, but this is not always successful. At other times, we must be more creative and get help from others in this. Simply by doing a few little things, we […]

Office Sound Masking Increases Productivity

As many people know the daily hustle and bustle going on around you at work can be extremely distracting making it at times even difficult to perform simple tasks, let alone meet deadlines. This is why “office sound masking” is so critical in work environments.

Do You Have Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

Several injuries can be caused by motions that are performed over and over again, especially carpal tunnel syndrome. Carpal tunnel has several symptoms to watch for especially if you suffer repetitive stress injury.

Ergonomic Keyboards Reduce Repetitive Strain Injuries

In many office places, computer workstations are equipped with the latest in equipment and highest technology, which for some workers is a fantastic way to increase their productivity. But, this is not the only trend popping up in the modern workplace when it comes to improving the production of a worker. In many companies, a […]

Office Noise – Solutions To This Problem

Imagine that you must prepare an important report concerning your company’s sales over the last three months and on the preferences of your customers as determined by your company’s sales force. On the day that you must prepare that report, you will make sure to be well rested and to be in the office early. […]

Privacy In An Office Situation

Many workers have a difficult time being creative at their jobs because of unrelated and distracting noises. It is hard for companies to ensure their workers ‘acoustic privacy’. With more open-plan office now than ever before experts are finding that conversational distractions can also cause work place problems as well.

Keeping Up With Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal tunnel syndrome generally characterized by pain is caused by swelling within a slight opening in the wrist. It is frequently caused by a recurrent strain or stress on the region, exacerbating the median nerve running through the passage.