Office Noise And How To Resolve It

If your office is already a noisy place, but you’ve also got the added irritation of a noisy comrade, your daily life at work can be a nightmare. There are deadlines and other issues of the job to contend with, so office noise makes it that much more difficult.

Sound Masking — A Boon For Call Centers

There is no way to completely avoid the issue of noise at a call center, no matter how the cubicles are arranged or what kind of technology is employed. Office noise will always be present and must be minimized. In addition, personal and sensitive information will be in circulation and must be protected. Background chatter […]

Mini Keyboard Accessories For Your Ergonomic Needs

Ergonomics can mean different things to different people, depending on their working environment and job requirements. A fairly broad definition that fits most situations is that ergonomics is the science of how machines and the people who use them relate to one another. A critical factor in ergonomics is human posture. Poor posture in a […]