Office Sound Masking: Improve Your Efficiency

If you are employed in a crowded office, you would be well and truly aware of the distractions to your job due to excessive noise. Many office workers are boxed in from three sides with cubicles of their so-workers. The distractions are compounded when you have several co-workers making or attending telephone calls all around […]

Office Sound Masking – Making A Peaceful Work Environment

In our modern business world, the communication of key info is critical. But in many open office plans, this communication ends up being heard by both those who need to hear it all and those who do not. Regarding the latter, it is simply more noise and is a distraction which makes them much less […]

Sound Masking – Some Basics For You

Approximately 50 million Americans work in open plan offices. Open plan offices are environments in which workers do their job in closely-grouped cubicles. Though these cubicles are more space-efficient and improve the communication between workers, they are an acoustic challenge.

Sound Masking And A Noisy Office

It is known that when office spaces are designed, they are meant to be quiet. It appears to be a sensible idea but in actuality it is an impediment to employers. The fact is that numerous offices are planned in the same manner and face the same acoustic predicament. Discussions can be heard throughout the […]

Office Noise: A Costly Problem

In some businesses, the largest productivity losses are not the result of employees using their time to browse the Internet or do outside work that should be done on their own time, but instead the result of distracting office noises. Some of the greatest causes of office noise come from employees who waste time talking […]

Sound Masking: Helping Organizations Maintain High Productivity By Reducing Office Noise

According to recent studies, the performance of employees can be affected by factors within the organization as well as by his or her abilities. Most people are not aware of just how detrimental a noisy office environment can be. The truth of the matter is that office noise can have an enormous negative impact on […]