Mini Keyboard: Sleek, Ergonomic and Portable

While the modern workplace is slowly catching up with the times by equipping each employee with their own computers or stations, peripherals attached to these machines basically remain the same. For example, most offices still issue standard computer keyboards despite the fact that smaller and health-friendly keyboards are already out on the market. Yes, mini […]

Sound Masking Helps Workers Focus: Make It Work for You

Back in college, did you ever find yourself trying to study with a party going on a few doors down? If you did, then you know how hard it is to work in a noisy, distracting environment. Now bring that problem to an office setting. Office noise, it has been found, affects the productivity of […]

Left Handed Keyboards – The Typing Solution for lefties

Left-handed keyboards have been around for some time now, but remain quite a mystery to most people. For some, they didn’t even know that such a contraption actually existed! Simply put, left-handed keyboards are designed to cater specifically to someone who is left handed.