5 Practical Applications for White Noise

White noise is the art of using soft background noise to cover up distracting sounds in an environment. This technology can be priceless when you need to concentrate and ignore the disruptive noise around you. It can create a more relaxed environment with greater productivity and less distraction. Here are a five practical ways that white […]

Boosting Productivity with White Noise

What is white noise? White noise gets its name from white light which includes all the colors of the spectrum. White noise includes indistinguishable sounds from the entire audible sound spectrum. Today’s technology, however, focuses the sound on the frequency range of human speech. The first question most people as is how adding more noise will help […]

Maximizing Ergonomics and Productivity for Laptop Users

Most laptop users love the flexibility they get from their laptop, but few users realize that their laptops were designed to provide mobility, not ergonomic comfort. Long term use can take its toll on your body. Take a few minutes to consider how you use your laptop and consider these tips to maximize comfort and […]

Tips to Maximize Your Work Day

I am always looking for easy ways to make my work time more productive, so I can finish on time and enjoy the rest of my day with my family. Here are some great ideas that I have found helpful to increase productivity and make the most of my day: Try white noise —¬†Conversations and […]

How to Relieve Eye strain at Work

Do you get frequent headaches at work? Are you eyes tired and dry by the end of the day? These are good indicators that you may be suffering from eyestrain. Other symptoms include blurred or double vision, pain in the eyes, red and watery eyes, burning sensation when you close your eyes, and muscle spasms […]

5 Tips for a Ergonomic Workstation

You have little control over many aspects of your work, but there are several small ways you can add comfort to your work space. Here are five tips for creating an ergonomic and productive workstation. Adjust your chair. A properly adjusted chair will help support good posture and create more comfortable seating. First address the […]

Tips for Better Keyboarding

Are your shoulders sore after a day at your computer? Do your hands or wrists ache when you spend too much time at your keyboard? Here are a few tips to help you stay healthier and pain-free while typing. Confirm proper keyboard placement. Your keyboard should sit flat on a surface, or even better, at […]

Five Tips for Healthy Wrists

Most computer users reach for their mouse hundreds of times throughout the day. In doing so, they have to stretch for a mouse that is not properly positioned. This stretching can cause pain and even injury to your wrists. Here are a few tips to protecting your wrists while using your mouse. Find the best-shaped […]