Top 5 Bad Ergonomic Work Habits

When you think of bad work habits, you may immediately think of pungent food items, popping gum, overly-loud sales guys, pointless conversations, and slacking in general.  Annoying as they are, those habits usually don’t affect your body in a physical way (well, nausea from poorly chosen take-out might…).  The main work habits to be concerned […]

Why to Switch to an Ergonomic Keyboard

Why Go Ergonomic? Everything from ring tones to tennis shoes are customizable these days, mostly for the sake of individuality.  However, many customizations serve a far more practical purpose: comfort.  What you wear and use on a daily basis should be comfortable and should fit you exactly.  Your keyboard is no exception.  Working on the […]

Tips to Avoid Head Aches & Eye Strain at Work

Many office workers suffer from headaches and eye discomfort as a result of staring at a computer screen all day.  Chances are it’s from repetitive strain injuries caused by awkward positioning and straining from poor ergonomic practices. Tips to Avoid Head Aches & Eye Strain at Work Check your monitor. It should be at eye […]

Tips for Managing Stress at Work

Work-Related Stress If you frequently worry about work, obsess about details, question your value or that of your co-workers’, chances are you are experiencing work-related stress.  While it’s normal to fret about things here and there, and it’s probably even expected of you to problem solve and work well with others, that doesn’t mean it’s […]

Better Habits for Better Health

Everyday Habit Changes I’m not sure if it was feeling achey before I even managed to get out of bed or seeing all of my in a 180 degree mirror that did it, but something triggered in me the desire to improve my daily routine and develop better habits.  I’ve always been a decent eater […]

How to Choose an Ergonomic Desk

Tips for Choosing an Ergonomic Desk When you spend all day at the same desk, it becomes essential for that desk to be as comfortable and beneficial as possible.  Too many people suffer at standard-issued desks and therefore suffer the consequences after work in their backs, shoulders, necks, and wrists. The problem with ill-fitting desks […]

Tips for Teaching (Effectively & Ergonomically)

Oh, ________.  It’s time for school! How did you fill in the blank?  Hopefully not with any choice words.  I was actually thinking, “yea” if you can believe it.  For some, the start of a new school year is exhilirating, while for others, it’s just another thing to survive.  I taught high school Spanish, and […]

How to Survive in a Cubicle

Cubicle farms are pretty common fare these days because they maximize office space and minimize cost.  Some people love ’em, some hate ’em, but we all have to survive ’em.  Instead of begrudging your cubicle, why not embrace what you do have and make the most of it? Tips for Surviving in a Cubicle Clear […]