Benefits of a Left Handed Keyboard {Even if You Aren’t Left Handed}

Left handed keyboards were designed to provide left handed typists with a more ergonomic, comfortable keyboard. The key placement, besides the standard QWERTY keys, are the mirror image of a right handed keyboard, with the number pad and other function keys on the left side of the keyboard. If you are part of the 90% […]

Office Blitz Attack: Your Desktop

Go for the Blitz! Last time we talked about doing a blitz attack on getting rid of clutter instead of just looking at it and bemoaning it. Just like when a manager tells his servers at a restaurant to get their clean towel as dirty as possible while cleaning or you tell your kids to […]

Getting Rid of Clutter: Blitz-Style!

Go for the Blitz! Not so long ago we started getting organized one step at a time, as part of our new year’s {work} resolutions.  For some, it was a very do-able task, while for others, it was still daunting.  That’s why we’re going to take a different approach today- a blitz attack!  You’ve done […]

Reduce Eye Strain with a more Ergonomic Desk

Do your eyes feel tired and day at the end of the day? Do you experience headaches after working on your computer? You may be suffering from eye strain. Other symptoms include blurred vision, eye pain, watery or dry eyes, heavy eyelids, a burning sensation when you close your eyelids, and a twitch in the […]

Peace And Quiet Vs. A Jackhammer

Road Construction It’s awful to have pot holes and badly paved roads and sidewalks in your neighborhood. You’re aware of them every drive you take and every walk your stroller bounces in or your dog scampers around. Naturally, it’s a blessing to have it fixed…until of course the racket outside wakes you up while you’re in […]

Working from Home {Setting Up Your Space}

Working from Home I’ve worked from home several times now and being efficient and successful while in the comfort and ease of my own home has always been a challenge.  While any work place is incredibly distracting, home offers you snacks, small children, noisy neighbors, barking dogs, door-to-door salesmen, TIVO, and all the lure of […]

Typing the Ergonomic Way

Many computer users feel tired and sore after a work day. Some of this exhaustion is a result of working your muscles too hard all day while typing and sitting. Ergonomics is about minimizing the wear on your muscles (i.e. the amount of work your muscles have to do) and maximizing your comfort and productivity. […]

Getting Organized in Small Spaces

Making a Do-able Resolution: Getting Organized One Step at a Time A few weeks ago, we started making do-able resolutions for work, such as getting your desk in order, your equipment set up in a helpful, ergonomic way, and establishing a good filing system for your papers and your email messages.  Rather than make huge […]

Healthy (and Comfortable) Sitting

Do you know how to sit properly? This may seem an odd question, but so many people do not know that good posture is more than “sitting up straight,” especially while sitting at a computer for hours each day. The goal while typing is to minimize the load on your muscles; your arms, shoulders, neck […]

Ergonomics Make A More Productive Workstation

Ergonomic products are designed to provide comfort, but did you also know they can increase your productivity? Here are a few easy, inexpensive fixes that can make your workstation more comfortable and your work hours more productive. Customize Your Chair – A good, ergonomic chair can provide comfort all day, restore wasted energy, and encourage […]