Tips for Avoiding RSI

What is RSI? Repetitive Strain Injury, commonly referred to as RSI, is an injury to the muscles and nerves caused by one or more of the following things: repetitive tasks, heavy exertion, and/or awkward body positions. Frequently, RSI happens when you spend a lot of time 1) typing, 2) playing a musical instrument, or 3) […]

Ergonomics Help Relieve Back Pain

Many people experience back pain after sitting at desk all day. This pain is frequently caused by poor posture and over-worked muscles. Here are some helpful tips to find fast relief and prevent future pain or injury. Adjust your chair. Start with a well-fitted ergonomic chair that properly supports your body and helps you maintain […]

Exercising ergonomically {while pregnant!}

I’m taking a break from my usual ergonomic posts to talk about something a little more personal.  As much as I love ergonomic products and the comfort and relief from pain they often bring, I thought I would share a little about pregnancy.  Wrought with plenty of discomfort itself, pregnancy is an ergonomic nightmare sometimes! […]

Stand & Be Fit!

Sitting vs. Standing If you’re like most office workers, you spend the majority of your day sitting at a desk.  Since most jobs have computers as a hub, this sedentary position is no surprise.  However, the amount of strain sitting in one position puts on our bodies is worth mentioning.  Many workers suffer from back […]

Ergonomics Help Relieve Wrist and Hand Pain

Do you experience wrist pain from working at your computer? Try these tips to find immediately relief from pain and to prevent further discomfort or injury. Fast Relief from Pain Use a wrist splint. Look for a good wrist splint that keeps your hand and wrist straight and flat. Many people flex their wrists at […]

Ergonomics for Educators

It’s the end of the school year, you’re finishing grading, and administering finals.  I know it’s hard to think about more paperwork or even next year, but now is the best time to submit requests for new equipment.  That’s because if you don’t use your left-over department money, you’ll lose it {and you know it!}. […]

Prevent Carpal Tunnel Syndrome with an Ergonomic Keyboard

Have experienced soreness or numbness in your hands and wrists after a long week in front of a computer? Your typing may be irritating the susceptible carpal tunnel area in your wrist. Try these tips to improve your keyboarding and prevent Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) or other serious injury. Optimize your keyboard and mouse position. […]

Getting ergonomic for finals

Many of us never quit functioning on a school calendar, feeling like the calendar year begins in September rather than January.  And with school calendars comes an awareness of tests and exams, the latter of which fall in December and May for most.  Thus, I thought it might benefit some of you to discuss some […]

Left-Handed Keyboards Benefit Everyone

If you aren’t left-handed, you may have never considered a left-handed keyboard, but anyone can enjoy the benefits of a left-handed keyboard. Although they were designed to provide ‘lefties’ with a better keyboard, this keyboard design can help left- or right-handed users work more comfortably and efficiently. Benefits of a Left-Handed Keyboard Comfort: The left-handed […]

An unlikely ergonomic luxury: sound machine!

Free Babysitting When you live overseas and have 2 small children and a grandparent comes to visit, what must happen?  An overnight trip sans kids, that’s what!  Thus, when my mom came to visit us a few weeks ago, so my husband and I decided to take advantage of free, familial babysitting and head to Edinburgh, which is […]