Enjoying Ergonomic Freedom with a Split Keyboard

4th of July It’s almost the 4th of July, and we’re all thinking about freedom {and hamburgers and hotdogs and swimming}.  Anyway, this Independence Day why not treat yourself to a little freedom?  You already have the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, but do you have ergonomic freedom? Ergonomic freedom may […]

Increase Productivity with Ergonomics

As I look at my to-do today, I am definitely thinking about ways to improve my productivity, because I can’t possibly get everything done. As my days are getting busier, I have working on new habits for productivity and efficiency. Some of these changes have required some serious discipline, but I have already begun to […]

Stand for a Longer Life!

Medical experts are telling us that sitting is literally killing us…see for yourself! Via: Medical Billing And Coding So, just to sum up: sitting more than 6+ hours a day increases risk of death up to 40%…even if you exercise!! obese people tend to sit between 2 and 3 hours more than thinner folks {obesity […]

Tips for Back Pain

Tips for Avoiding & Relieving Back Pain Back pain is a common problem, especially after a long day at work.  And since most people work at a desk and in a sitting position, back problems can either develop for those lucky enough not to have experienced it before or worsen an already persistent problem.  There […]

Ergonomic Tips for Less Stress

Office Stress I’m not sure I’ve ever met anyone who’s not stressed at some point at work.  For some it’s a matter of co-worker conflicts, for others it’s feelings of inadequacies, and for still others it’s physical pain from a poorly designed work station.  Regardless of the cause, stress has rarely {if ever} led to […]

Being More Productive & Ergonomic

I love ergonomic stuff- usually I focus on how comfortable and well-designed they are.  Today, however, I want to focus on how much more productive you can be with the right tools- and it makes sense because the right fit and the right design can only help you work better and smarter.  That said, here […]

What Is Neutral Posture & How to Achieve It

The Importance of Staying Neutral Staying neutral at work is essential in avoiding work-related injuries and strains.  But other than avoiding conflict, what does staying neutral really mean? Too often we don’t even think about how we’re sitting or physically performing tasks at work.  The sad result is that we can suffer from aches and […]

How to Choose an Ergonomic Chair

If you suffer from back and even neck pain after a long day of work, chances are a lot of it stems from poor posture that comes from an ill-fitting chair.  That’s why it’s essential that you have a fully adjustable ergonomic chair to provide support for your entire body because it’s not just your […]

How to Make Laptops & iPads More Ergonomic

We love our laptops and now more and more are loving their iPads- and not just for pleasure, but for work, too!  With over 500 apps for business, all kinds of companies are looking to the iPad for impressive, portable support.  The unfortunate downside in this trend is that neither laptops nor iPads are ideal […]

Tips for Ergonomic Typing

When using a computer all day it is easy to strain the muscles in our arms and hands. Most of the pain that results could have been avoided if we just used better posture and healthier typing habits. These ergonomic tips can help prevent further discomfort and improve your productivity. Adjust your keyboard. The best […]