Enjoying Ergonomic Freedom with a Split Keyboard

4th of July

It’s almost the 4th of July, and we’re all thinking about freedom {and hamburgers and hotdogs and swimming}.  Anyway, this Independence Day why not treat yourself to a little freedom?  You already have the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, but do you have ergonomic freedom?

Ergonomic freedom may seem a silly idea, but it just means the ability to adjust your equipment to your own needs and wants so that you can work more productively and with less strain.  It is only fitting then that we review good typing principles:

  • Move your keyboard to sit an inch or two above your legs with a slight negative slope away from your body.
  • Keep your wrists straight and flat.
  • Float your hands over the keyboard.
  • Never stretch your hand to reach a key.
  • Press the keys gently.
  • Upgrade your keyboard.

Let Freedom Ring

Knowing all that then, it is no stretch to say that a split keyboard with a built-in, centered mouse can be crucial in achieving an ideal typing posture and maintaining better typing habits.  The benefit to a split keyboard is that you can adjust it- you can either split the two halves or keep them together or change it up as you want.  Adjustability is never a bad thing.  Additionally, with the Freedom Package, you get a built-in mouse that is not equidistant from both sides when split, but rather centered under the home keys.  This enables and encourages ambidextrous use.  Being able to use both hands should keep your dominant hand from cramping.  Plus, using the buttons takes all the guess work out of hand posture for a mouse- no more cramped hand from gripping your mouse too hard.  Lastly, this particular split keyboard works well with a PC or a laptop, giving you great flexibility.

This Independence Day, treat yourself to a little ergonomic freedom with the Freedom Package.


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