Quick Tips for Pain Free Wrists

Most computer users reach for their mouse hundreds of times throughout the day. In doing so, they have to stretch for a mouse that is not properly positioned. This stretching can cause pain and even injury to your wrists. Here are a few tips to protecting your wrists. Find the best-shaped mouse for your hand. […]

More Reasons Why You Should Stand at Work

The Dangers of Sitting Not too long ago we posted about the dangers of sitting too much: sitting more than 6+ hours a day increases risk of death up to 40%…even if you exercise!! obese people tend to sit between 2 and 3 hours more than thinner folks {obesity has doubled 20 years…the same years […]

An Ergonomic Chair Could Relieve Your Back Pain

Do you feel back pain after a day of work? Many people are spending their entire day in chairs that do not provide enough support for their body. Switching to a good, ergonomic chair can help relieve pain and keep you from possible injury. Choosing an ergonomic chair. Here are a few guidelines to help […]

Tips for Neck & Shoulder Pain

Shoulder & Neck Pain at Work How often do you find that your neck and shoulders ache after a long day at work?  You may not even realize that the pain is a result of work since it seeps into everyday life after  a while.  Usually, these aches and pains come from muscle tension resulting […]

Tips for Fast Relief from Pain in your Hands or Wrists

People with jobs requiring detailed hand movement (such as typing, playing instruments, etc) suffer from wrist and hand pain. These repetitive motions and awkward body positions can create pain in your hands and wrists. These tips are simple, but can help you find fast relief now and prevent injury in the future. Tips for immediate […]

How to Set Up an Ergonomic Work Station

The importance of an ergonomic work station Setting up an ergonomic workstation can be an essential part of your job, whether you’re an office worker, someone who works from home, a blogger, a gamer, or even a student, having the best resources set up in the best way can transform even the most unproductive work space […]

Why Lefties & Righties Both Love Left-Handed Keyboards

The Evolution to Ergonomic You might think that all keyboards are the same, or at least very similarly…they all have the same characters, right?  What can really change?  Well, standard keyboards are all the same, but ergonomic keyboards are not.  From wireless to split to contoured to mac-friendly to mini-sized, ergonomic keyboards cover a wide […]

Top 5 Portable Products

I’m one of those people who struggles to try something new…very much unlike my husband who loves to test and try and sample and trial run anything he can get his hands on, especially electronics and gadgetry!  However, what we both have in common is that once we are sold on something, we are just […]

Why I Went Ergonomic & Wireless with My Mouse

Why I Went Ergonomic & Wireless Man, I love my wireless mouse.  It’s such a good fit for my hand.  I first started looking for a wireless mouse because of the trouble I was having with my touchpad on my laptop.  As nice as it is to have a built-in mouse, I was feeling discomfort […]

Tips for Getting More Out of Your Day

It’s one thing to want more out of your day and quite another to make a plan to get it.  Good intentions are great, but a plan is even better.  In terms of productivity, it’s essential that you have game plan to reclaim those hours frittered away to distraction, as well as some ergonomic principles […]