Tips to Reduce Wrist Pain

It’s not uncommon to experience wrist pain from long periods of typing.  In fact, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is quite common for typists, especially when they unintentionally practice poor typing habits.  Whether you’re looking to avoid wrist pain or to alleviate it, here are some tips for wrist pain. Fast Relief from Pain Use a wrist […]

Maximize Your Productivity with Ergonomics

Everyone wants to get more out of their day, but it takes a plan and discipline to make it happen. Don’t lose hours of work to distractions. Try these very practical tips to reduce distractions and improve your productivity. Fix your posture. Do you know how much energy is wasted through poor posture? A neutral […]

Ergonomics for Pregnancy??

I am not a scientific person by nature and therefore did not latch onto the idea of ergonomics for a long time.  It just seemed like another way to spend money and worry about things that didn’t {seem to} need worrying about.  I don’t know if it’s being my 30’s or in my 3rd pregnancy, […]

Tips for Dealing with Back, Shoulder, & Neck Pain

Many computer workers complain of back, shoulder, and neck pain.  These types of pains can be surprising since computer users are usually at a desk all day long- they don’t expect to suffer work-related injuries.  Interestingly, it’s because they sit at a desk that they are experiencing this kind of pain. Tips for Back, Shoulder, […]

Tips for Managing Shoulder Pain

It’s not glamorous, but shoulder pain is a common problem for millions, and notably among computer users.  You may frequently think of aching backs as the most common desk-related injury, but a related issue is an aching neck and shoulders.  Today we’ll focus on the shoulders and how to avoid and manage shoulder-related pain. Tips […]

Try an Ergonomic Desk: The Benefits of Standing at Work

Do you struggle with sore muscles and lack of concentration after working at your computer all day? It may be time to try an adjustable height ergonomic desk. Ergonomic desks are all about creating the most comfortable, least straining position possible while you work.  Adjustable height desks add to this comfort by providing easy position […]

Tips to Balance Home and Work Life

Balancing Home & Work Last time I posted some basic tips for moms on balancing staying at and working from home.  I started with some general guidelines, and they got me thinking I wanted to post some more specific tips for getting it all done and not going crazy!  Avoiding the loony house may sound […]

Balancing Productivity, Ergonomics, & Staying at Home

Being a Mom is a Balancing Act Taking care of babies, small children, and even older children before and after school while still managing to keep house, let alone work from home can prove quite challenging.  Sometimes it feels like you you either can’t do it right or you have to do everything half-way, neither […]

Ergonomic Products for Educators

Preparing for a New School Year It’s a new school year and time to think about how best to prepare.  The first things that usually come to mind are seating charts, lesson plans, and power point presentations.  There’s no denying their usefulness and even priority in a successful school year, but it’s also wise to […]

Test Driving a New Keyboard

Driving a Different Car If you’ve ever driven someone else’s car, you know how awkward it can be.  You have to adjust the seat for your own height, make sure you can see with the mirrors, figure out where the horn is, as well as where the wipers are.  Is there a cruise control- how […]