Neutral Posture- what it is & why it’s important

The Importance of Staying Neutral Usually, being neutral connotes Switzerland or not taking a stance on something.  In better contexts, being neutral is a kind way of not taking sides for various reasons.  Ergonomically speaking, staying neutral is neither political nor weak-minded.  Rather, it’s the idea of keeping your body naturally positioned so that you […]

Tips for an Ergonomic Workstation

Many people spend hours each day sitting at a desk, and most office workers complain that at some point they are uncomfortable or even in pain as a result of their workspace and habits. Here are some easy tips for creating a more comfortable, ergonomic workstation. Upgrade your chair. You chair is the foundation of […]

Tips for Choosing an Ergonomic Chair

Ergonomic chairs are fabulous for helping you maintain good posture, as well as providing the best ergonomic adjustability for your specific body.  A good ergonomic chair should let you adjust the height of the seat pan, the back support, the angle of the back support, and the arm rest height.  Each adjustment is essential for […]

Shoulder Pain: Tips for Finding Relief

The shoulder is the most flexible joint in the body, but it is also highly susceptible to injury. Pain and injury are frequently caused by repetitive motion and poor posture. Too often, computer users unconsciously sit in awkward positions instead of maintaining a natural, relaxed sitting position. This quickly leads to soreness and pain. Here […]

Ergonomics Reduce Work-Related Stress

Work-induced stress often results in physical aches and pain. What is often overlooked, however, is that physical stress and strain can add to our stressed state of mind, making matters worse. If you often come home from with headaches, back pain or more, it may be time to look at you physical comfort and evaluate […]

RSI & How to Avoid It

What is RSI? I’ve spent some time talking about wrist pain and how it can be or develop into RSI.  Today, I thought we’d look at what RSI is and how to avoid it in general.  Repetitive Strain Injury, commonly referred to as RSI, is an injury to the muscles and nerves caused by one […]

Tips to Create a More Ergonomic Workstation

If you are like most office workers, you experience frustration at work because of poor ergonomic conditions. While you may not be able to control your entire office set up, here are some easy fixes to help you create a more comfortable, productive workstation. Adjust your monitor height. Too often computer users spend hours each […]

Tips for Wrist Pain

Persistent wrist pain is a real drag.  The wrist is one of those body parts that doesn’t seem all that important (or even injury-prone) but once you’ve hurt it, you realize just how useful your wrist is.  A common injury for wrists (one or both) is repetitive stress injury.  RSI can happen to musicians, athletes, […]

Ergonomic Tips for More Energy

Are your days feeling too long? Are you  tired and drained of energy before you even reach the end of a work day? While you should consider medical reasons for low energy, upgrading to ergonomic tools can help prevent spending your energy on muscle strain and pain. Here are a few tips that have helped […]

Laptop Ergonomics: Tips For On the Road

Laptops are great! They are portable and compact, easy to take anywhere. But laptop computers are just not designed to be ergonomic. At your home or office, you can add ergonomic tools or a docking station to improvement comfort, but this is practically impossible when you are on the road. Here are some guidelines for […]