Thankful for Ergonomics {& My Job!}

On Being Thankful I am thankful for a number of things…some are quite big and some are quite small actually, but they’re all things that matter to me and make my life what it is.  I am so glad to be married to a wonderful godly man who cherished me and our children.  I am […]

Thanksgiving the Ergonomic Way

A Time for Thanks This is the week to review and reflect upon what we’re thankful for, both big and small.  Today, I’m going to share some simple things that just make life easier.  Next time, I’ll go a little deeper and show thanks for something much larger. Before I get into some of my […]

Tips for Avoiding Shoulder Pain

Shoulder pain is a frustrating and debilitating part of many people’s lives.  While some have suffered a specific injury, such as car accident or sports injury, others have no idea what caused the pain and why they’re experiencing it still.  While a physical injury or accident is a legitimate source of shoulder pain for some, a […]

Tips for Making Your Work Space More Ergonomic

Last time we talked about timeless ergonomic principles for setting up an ergonomic work station, as well as some ergonomic tools for meeting those principles.  The basic premise is to minimize movement and strain and maximize productivity by reducing distraction.  I supplied some tips and tools for setting up an ideal work station.  Today, I […]

Tips for Keeping Warm {Even if Your Workspace Isn’t}

A Cornell University study discovered that being cold at work drastically impacts your productivity. Cold fingers cause people to make more than twice as many errors while typing, and decreased their typing rate almost in half.  While you may not have control over the thermostat, try these tips to keep warm and boost your productivity. […]

Tips for Setting Up an Ergonomic Work Station {even if you’re in a cubicle!}

Too many workers dislike their work space and dread going to work.  It may be that they hate their jobs, but it could also be that poor work station design has contributed to strain, injury, and even loss of productivity.  Getting to achey or sore during the day does not exactly lead to brilliant moods […]

How An Adjustable Height Desk is Better for Your Back & Your Time

Sitting all day at work can be really hard on your body, especially your back.   By the end of the day, your back can be achey and sore, and by the end of the week, you may struggle to even stretch it too much.  It may seem that there is little you can do […]

Tips for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome & Pregnancy

Last time, I posted some tips for reducing pain and injury in your wrists, primarily at work.  As a reminder Carpal Tunnel Syndrome {CTS} is when you feel pain in your hand and/or wrist which can extend into the forearm and shoulder.  This pain is caused by the compression of the median nerve in the […]

Tips for Reducing Wrist Pain

Wrist Pain & Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Wrist pain and actual injury is quite serious these days.  It’s not just athletes and musicians who are at risk either.  Now that we all spend huge chunks of our days typing, texting, and mousing, we are all at risk.  Before you write off wrist injury as an unlikely […]