Ergonomic Hacks for Bankers

Ergonomic Hacks for Bankers

There are several ways to make bank employees more comfortable, as well as more productive and confidential.

  1. Your monitor should be at eye level (not below) and at least 20 inches from your face.

    Your monitor should be at eye level (not below) and at least 20 inches from your face.

    Monitor shields.  These visors of sorts play several roles: they block glare from lighting, as well as windows.  More importantly, they shield other observers from seeing confidential information, be it intentional or not.  When looking straight on, only the user can see what’s on the screen.  Customers, other workers, or even those just walking by cannot see through the screen.  However, the screen is easily and quickly removable when the screen should be seen by others.  win-win.

  2. Monitor lifts.  Not as .007 essential, these devices lift the monitor for better viewing for short, average, and tall employees.  Screens are sort of a one-size-fits-all purchase, but lifts allow for adjustment for fewer neck aches and pains.  What’s more, keeping the screen raised keeps your eyes healthier.  Eye strain is a common problem for computer workers, and it only worsens when looking down at a screen for too long.
  3. Sound masking.  An individual sound machine allows a single banker to ignore business around him and focus on the task or conversation at hand.  A sound masking system is farther-reaching and achieves speech privacy for all involved.  Both employees and customers are protected from being overheard.  Be it for the bank itself, or the customer, speech privacy cannot be over-rated.  That’s why every aspect of leaks needs to be considered- not just the digital ones.

Taking care of yourself and your customers is important.  Everyone needs to walk away happy.

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