The Benefits of an Adjustable Height Ergonomic Desk

Stand for Your Life!

There are many benefits to standing more and sitting less.  In fast, studies are telling us that:

For better health, try standing up more, a new study suggests. Those who spend 11 or more hours a day sitting are 40 percent more likely to die over the next three years regardless of how physically active they are otherwise, researchers say.

So besides a sore back, you can add slowly killing you to sitting too long’s list of grievances.  The obvious question for desk workers is “How do I sit less?”  There are two basic ways to stand more:

  1. Take breaks to walk and stretch.
  2. Take advantage of an adjustable height ergonomic desk.

What is an Adjustable Height Ergonomic Desk?

An ergonomic desk is made to fit your and your body comfortably and to house all your essential items within close reach so there’s less strain for you.  An adjustable height desk takes ergonomics up another notch by allowing you to raise or lower the work surface, which allows for quick changes of position.

adj desk


Sitting at a computer all day puts enormous pressure on your back and shoulders.  While standing up for breaks and phone calls is a good start, it’s ideal if you can maintain a standing position for longer periods of time. A recent study with adjustable height desks at Cornell University reports that most people reported reduced muscle strain when they switched between sitting and standing while at work.  As an added bonus, if you suffer from pain in your neck and shoulders, the flexibility to both sit and stand at your computer can significantly decrease your muscle strain at work


As the afternoon wears on, you may find your concentration decreasing. Standing up and taking a break improves circulation and increases productivity. Imagine how productive you would be if you continued to work while standing up! A study at USC discovered that just standing up can increase brain function by 5% to 20%. An adjustable height ergonomic desk allows you to stand at your desk while maintaining good, ergonomic posture at your computer.


Rotating between sitting and standing while at work can help provide for better overall health. Medical research has shown that, in general, standing at your job is healthier than sitting. At the University of Missouri a recent study found that standing up can also have a significant impact on weight loss and calorie burning. It may be time to try standing up for part of your work day!


An additional plus to an adjustable height desk is that the standing position makes co-worker collaboration more feasible.  One of the more awkward work moments is having someone bend over your see to see your screen as you work together, or you having to bend over someone else’s, especially for sustained work time.  An alternative is to both stand to collaborate and enjoy the benefits of standing together.

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