3 Tips to Avoid & Relieve Wrist Pain

Wrist Pain & Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Wrist pain can be quite debilitating.  Chronic pain can be traced to the carpal tunnel and the painful syndrome named after it.  The tunnel is comprised of bones and a band of strong connective tissue. In carpal tunnel syndrome, the tendons become inflamed and compress the median nerve in […]

4 Tips for Productivity

4 Tips for Getting More Done, More Comfortably Even with a good night of sleep and the best intentions, it can be challenging to stay productive at work.  Whether we’re hot, tired of working, or just wishing we were on vacation, staying focused is even harder.  Throw in work-related stress and strain from distractions and […]

3 Ergonomic Tips for Laptop Users

Tips for Laptops Laptops are all the rage, which is no surprise.  “I’d love a computer tied to my desktop,” said no one ever.  We all want the fancy bells and whistles that seem to make our lives easier, more efficient and effective.  And that’s what laptops do- we take ’em everywhere with us and […]

3 Ergonomic Tips for Every Parent

I usually write about ergonomic tips for desk workers since they, well, sit all day and stare at a screen.  As you might imagine, there are numerous issues that accompany such a work environment, not the least of which are sore backs and necks, eye strain, and carpal tunnel syndrome.  You parents may think, thank […]