3 Ergonomic Tips for Every Parent

I usually write about ergonomic tips for desk workers since they, well, sit all day and stare at a screen.  As you might imagine, there are numerous issues that accompany such a work environment, not the least of which are sore backs and necks, eye strain, and carpal tunnel syndrome.  You parents may think, thank goodness I run after my kids all day!  While you may burn a few extra calories, you are not immune to “work-related” injuries either.

3 Ergonomic Tips

  • © Copyright 2010 CorbisCorporationProtect Your Shoulders.  How many times do you reach around from the front seat to retrieve and hand back a dropped sippy cup or toy?  This may be great fun for your toddler, but it’s no good for your rotator cuff.  Unless you’re looking for surgery in the not too distant future, stop doing this immediately.  Your kids will only take a few days to learn that they can easily pick up their own dropped items when they get out of the car.  Or, if you have a rock star older kid like I do, make her the picker upper at stops.
  • Protect Your Back.  There is not one move every parent does that puts out our backs.  It’s all the little twists and turns we do every day that add up: bending over for toys, babies on hips, growing children climbing on for piggy back rides, etc.  All those moves take a toll on our backs, so do your best to minimize twisting or jarring.  As they say, lift with the legs, not the back.
  • Protect Your Eyes.  Whether you’re working from home like I do, checking emails, or just teaching your kids how to use the computer, even screen time for Mom adds up.  Be sure to take care of your eyes by taking breaks from staring at the screen, blinking your eyes frequently, and keeping your screen lifted to eye level.  This higher position is better for your eyes and neck.

By all means, have fun as a parent- romp and play.  But be sure to protect yourself while you’re at it so you can stay at it.

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