3 Tips to Avoid & Relieve Wrist Pain

Wrist Pain & Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Wrist pain can be quite debilitating.  Chronic pain can be traced to the carpal tunnel and the painful syndrome named after it.  The tunnel is comprised of bones and a band of strong connective tissue. In carpal tunnel syndrome, the tendons become inflamed and compress the median nerve in the tunnel leading to painful symptoms.  This condition is usually caused by  improper posture and use of the wrists and hands, which is common for computer users, believe it or not!

Tips to Avoid & Relieve Wrist Pain

To avoid or relieve pain in this area, there are several things you can {and should!} do:

  • Correct your posture.  You may not realize that there is proper and improper hand and wrist positioning.  Essentially, DON’T bend or cock your wrists.  DO everything you can to avoid cocking or bending of your wrists.  If you feel pain as you are typing, texting, or mousing, stop what you are doing and re-position yourself.
  • Try ergonomic products.  In particular, an ergonomic keyboard is designed to better your hands, while an ergonomic mouse makes mousing more natural and less straining for your wrists.  Regardless of what keyboard and mouse you’re using, be sure to keep them side-by-side and on the same surface to reduce movement and therefore injury.  So, lastly, a keyboard tray will store both and at a lower spot so your arms, wrists, and hands can work more comfortably.
  • Wear a wrist splint. If you’re already experiencing wrist pain, one of the trouble spots is night time.  So often, we flex our wrists and sleep with them in quite odd positions, never even aware of it.  Thus, wearing a wrist splint at night time can protect you from doing more harm.

The main idea is to avoid any movement or positioning of the hand and wrist that is awkward, cocked, or causes any discomfort.  Taking this seriously can help you avoid CTS in the first place, as well as relieve current symptoms.

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