Maximize Your Productivity with Ergonomics

Everyone wants to get more out of their day, but it takes a plan and discipline to make it happen. Don’t lose hours of work to distractions. Try these very practical tips to reduce distractions and improve your productivity. Fix your posture. Do you know how much energy is wasted through poor posture? A neutral […]

Tips for Fewer Headaches at Work {Try a Monitor Lift}

Are headaches a normal part of your work day? Many people experience headaches during the day or the way home from work. Although headaches have numerous causes, there are a few typical office “fixes” that can help with work-induced headaches. Computer headaches can often be traced to eye stain and muscle tension in the neck […]

Eliminate Back Pain at Work {Try an Ergonomic Desk}

Back pain is a common problem for office workers. Sometime the pain is caused by a privious injury, and sometimes it is the result of overworking your back muscles in the course of your normal day. Either way, there are important ergonomic tools, such as an ergonomic chair or an ergonomic desk, that can help […]

Benefits of a Left Handed Keyboard {Even if You Aren’t Left Handed}

Left handed keyboards were designed to provide left handed typists with a more ergonomic, comfortable keyboard. The key placement, besides the standard QWERTY keys, are the mirror image of a right handed keyboard, with the number pad and other function keys on the left side of the keyboard. If you are part of the 90% […]

Ergonomic Mini Keyboard: The Keyboard Of The Modern Era

Computers are widely used today because of the advantages that they provide. They speed up labor and organize data and documents to any kind of company or business undertaking. The internet also unifies the entire world and crosses seas and boundaries. Nonetheless, anything that has an advantage also has a disadvantage. Everyone knows that computers need […]

Tips for Managing Stress at Work

Work-Related Stress If you frequently worry about work, obsess about details, question your value or that of your co-workers’, chances are you are experiencing work-related stress.  While it’s normal to fret about things here and there, and it’s probably even expected of you to problem solve and work well with others, that doesn’t mean it’s […]

Tips for Teaching (Effectively & Ergonomically)

Oh, ________.  It’s time for school! How did you fill in the blank?  Hopefully not with any choice words.  I was actually thinking, “yea” if you can believe it.  For some, the start of a new school year is exhilirating, while for others, it’s just another thing to survive.  I taught high school Spanish, and […]

Ergonomics keyboards – upgrade your work station setup and be more productive

With the digital society we live with today, it has become quite commonplace for people to log on at some point throughout the day. It has become commonplace to interact with a keyboard and terminal at some point on a daily basis and if you are working, chances are you encounter this situation for hours […]

Ergonomic Keyboard Prevents Carpal Tunnel Syndrome With Every Keystroke

The continuous evolution of the human civilization has enabled us to exert the minimal amount of effort in going through our daily chores. Whatever industry we may be in, there is a computer waiting for us, to do our bidding with a stroke of a key and click of the mouse. From start-up companies to […]

Mini Keyboard: Sleek, Ergonomic and Portable

While the modern workplace is slowly catching up with the times by equipping each employee with their own computers or stations, peripherals attached to these machines basically remain the same. For example, most offices still issue standard computer keyboards despite the fact that smaller and health-friendly keyboards are already out on the market. Yes, mini […]