Laptop Ergonomics on the Road

Laptop computers are just not designed to be ergonomic; they are portable and compact, but not comfortable. For good ergonomics, the keyboard and monitor have to be separated. But with a laptop, you have to choose between good hand posture and good neck posture. At your home or office, you can add ergonomic tools or […]

An Ergonomic Workspace for Your Laptop

We love the portability and flexibility of our laptop computers, but the compact design has come at a cost – we have sacrificed comfort and ergonomics. Because the screen and keyboard are connected, laptops create a choice between good hand posture and good neck posture. But there are some ergonomic tools that can make your […]

iPad Ergonomics: Maximizing Your Comfort

As with every new technology, people raise concerns about the safe and ergonomic use of the new iPad. Here are some great tips for using your iPad in the most comfortable, ergonomic way possible. Use it as a great media tool, not a computer. The iPad was designed to provide flexible media consumption – movies, […]

The Benefits of Ergonomic Desks

Ergonomic desks are specially designed to make it easy to maintain great posture and ergonomics in any work space. These great desks are designed to fit into a wide variety of spaces, and include helpful tools to quickly set up an ergonomic work station. Included are such features as built-in, keyboard trays and adjustable heights […]

Benefits of Using a Wrist Rest

Ergonomic wrist rests provide many benefits for a keyboard user.  They – prevent extension of the wrist by keeping them straight during keyboard use. – provide padding for the hands, making the desk more comfortable. – keep hands from dropping off the edge of the keyboard. – relieve tension and soreness in the shoulders by […]

What’s the deal with Mini Keyboards?

During frequent computer use, a neutral body position is one of the most important factors in lowering muscle strain and preventing injury. Mini keyboards are ergonomically designed to provide comfort and minimize muscle strain in order for a keyboard user to perform his/her job without pain or injury.  Here are some of the beneficial features […]

Five Tips for Relieving Shoulder Pain

Many computer users complain of pain in their shoulders and necks. This pain is frequently triggered by poor posture and overuse of these muscle groups. Computer users often place their shoulders and entire bodies into awkward positions, such as slouching or holding shoulders in a raised position. While sitting at a computer, the goal is […]

Sit and Be Fit…for work

Most computer users suffer from shoulder and neck pain on a regular basis. One of the primary problems is poor posture throughout the work day. The foundation of good posture starts with your chair. You spend hours each day sitting in your work chair, and if set correctly, your chair can help encourage a neutral […]

Office Furniture Must Be Ergonomic

It is important to make the right choice when you go shopping for new office furniture. Your employees will benefit from ergonomically designed chairs and their increased productivity level will benefit your business. It has been shown that office workers can miss several days of work annually because of poorly designed office furniture.

Office Chairs-determine The Office Environment

Best office chairs provide the ultimate style and comfort. They should ideally fit our body, our budget and our office environment. Office chairs and office furniture have to be the best because this is where we make most of our initial deals and it is the place we use for planning out and implementing new […]