Adjustable Height Desks for Sitting Less

Medical experts are telling us that sitting is literally killing us… Via: Medical Billing And Coding This poster may feel a little over the top, but when you survey the findings, it’s a little scary. So, just to sum up: sitting more than 6+ hours a day increases risk of death up to 40%…even if […]

Tips for Back Pain Part 2: Ergonomic Adjustments

Ergonomic Adjustments for Less Back Pain Last week we talked about back pain, its symptoms, and its causes.  We started off with a basic premise: back pain stinks.  Whether it’s from an injury or just chronic achiness, no one enjoys a stiff or painful back.  Did you know that 8 out of 10 adults experience lower […]

Tips for Back Pain Part 1: Symptoms & Causes

Back pain stinks.  Whether it’s from an injury or just chronic achiness, no one enjoys a stiff or painful back.  Did you know that 8 out of 10 adults experience lower back pain, over 50% of whom will experience at least one more episode, and that it is the 5th leading reason people see a […]

How An Adjustable Height Desk is Better for Your Back & Your Time

Sitting all day at work can be really hard on your body, especially your back.   By the end of the day, your back can be achey and sore, and by the end of the week, you may struggle to even stretch it too much.  It may seem that there is little you can do […]

Ergonomic Tips for Back Pain

From athletes to pregnant women to desk workers, many people suffer from constant or even intermittent back pain.  Some of this pain can be attributed to actual injuries or circumstances, such as a car accident or the act of carrying a baby.  However, most back pain is from everyday, commonplace activities like sitting at a […]

Ergonomic Tips for Flying

Ergonomic Tips for Planes Too often we think of ergonomics as good practices only useful for work, ie sitting at a desk.  On the contrary, whether it’s getting older, being pregnant, or just being more aware of my body and its needs, I have found that practicing good ergonomics relieves and even prevents much stress […]

Ergonomic Tips for Back Pain

Avoiding & Relieving Back Pain The majority of office workers experience back pain at some point because of long hours sitting at a desk. While there are several work-related causes, the main culprits tend to be poor posture and non-ergonomic equipment. Try these tips for fast relief and future prevention. Apply heat to get relief from […]

Tips for Dealing with Back, Shoulder, & Neck Pain

Many computer workers complain of back, shoulder, and neck pain.  These types of pains can be surprising since computer users are usually at a desk all day long- they don’t expect to suffer work-related injuries.  Interestingly, it’s because they sit at a desk that they are experiencing this kind of pain. Tips for Back, Shoulder, […]

Try an Ergonomic Desk: The Benefits of Standing at Work

Do you struggle with sore muscles and lack of concentration after working at your computer all day? It may be time to try an adjustable height ergonomic desk. Ergonomic desks are all about creating the most comfortable, least straining position possible while you work.  Adjustable height desks add to this comfort by providing easy position […]

An Ergonomic Chair Could Relieve Your Back Pain

Do you feel back pain after a day of work? Many people are spending their entire day in chairs that do not provide enough support for their body. Switching to a good, ergonomic chair can help relieve pain and keep you from possible injury. Choosing an ergonomic chair. Here are a few guidelines to help […]