How An Adjustable Height Desk is Better for Your Back & Your Time

Sitting all day at work can be really hard on your body, especially your back.   By the end of the day, your back can be achey and sore, and by the end of the week, you may struggle to even stretch it too much.  It may seem that there is little you can do […]

Ergonomic Tips for Back Pain

From athletes to pregnant women to desk workers, many people suffer from constant or even intermittent back pain.  Some of this pain can be attributed to actual injuries or circumstances, such as a car accident or the act of carrying a baby.  However, most back pain is from everyday, commonplace activities like sitting at a […]

Maximize Your Productivity with Ergonomics

Everyone wants to get more out of their day, but it takes a plan and discipline to make it happen. Don’t lose hours of work to distractions. Try these very practical tips to reduce distractions and improve your productivity. Fix your posture. Do you know how much energy is wasted through poor posture? A neutral […]

Try an Ergonomic Desk: The Benefits of Standing at Work

Do you struggle with sore muscles and lack of concentration after working at your computer all day? It may be time to try an adjustable height ergonomic desk. Ergonomic desks are all about creating the most comfortable, least straining position possible while you work.  Adjustable height desks add to this comfort by providing easy position […]

Increase Productivity with Ergonomics

As I look at my to-do today, I am definitely thinking about ways to improve my productivity, because I can’t possibly get everything done. As my days are getting busier, I have working on new habits for productivity and efficiency. Some of these changes have required some serious discipline, but I have already begun to […]

Tips for Ergonomic Typing

When using a computer all day it is easy to strain the muscles in our arms and hands. Most of the pain that results could have been avoided if we just used better posture and healthier typing habits. These ergonomic tips can help prevent further discomfort and improve your productivity. Adjust your keyboard. The best […]

Ergonomics Help Relieve Back Pain

Many people experience back pain after sitting at desk all day. This pain is frequently caused by poor posture and over-worked muscles. Here are some helpful tips to find fast relief and prevent future pain or injury. Adjust your chair. Start with a well-fitted ergonomic chair that properly supports your body and helps you maintain […]

An Ergonomic Desk Can Increase Productivity

There never seems to be enough time in a day to accomplish all the tasks on my list. So I am always looking for ideas for making my day more productive and my work more efficient. Here are a few tips that have helped me. Some of them take some serious discipline, but in the […]

My Dream Ergonomic Set-Up: Part 1

Since I frequently write about ergonomic trends, principles, and products, I thought it would be fun to day dream about my ideal ergonomic set-up. A little about my needs Before we had kids, I was a high school Spanish teacher and would have loved a wireless presentation keyboard or even a mobile stand for my […]

The Benefits of Ergonomic Desks

Ergonomic desks are specially designed to make it easy to maintain great posture and ergonomics in any work space. These great desks are designed to fit into a wide variety of spaces, and include helpful tools to quickly set up an ergonomic work station. Included are such features as built-in, keyboard trays and adjustable heights […]