Laptop Ergonomics: Tips For On the Road

Laptops are great! They are portable and compact, easy to take anywhere. But laptop computers are just not designed to be ergonomic. At your home or office, you can add ergonomic tools or a docking station to improvement comfort, but this is practically impossible when you are on the road. Here are some guidelines for […]

Tips for Making Laptops More Ergonomic

I frequently talk about how important it is to dock your laptop and not strain yourself trying to do continuous work on your lap.  The basic problem here is that hunching over a laptop usually places strain on your neck, back, and even wrists.  It’s practically impossible to practice good ergonomics on a lapped laptop. […]

Adjusting to a Laptop with an Ergonomic Keyboard

Adjusting to  a New Keyboard I posted recently about our laptops getting stolen.  Such a bummer, especially since my husband is a PhD student and I work from home.  We are both quite computer-dependent in our own ways and have felt more than a little hobbled without the comfortable feel of our own computers.  The cool […]

How to Make Laptops & iPads More Ergonomic

We love our laptops and now more and more are loving their iPads- and not just for pleasure, but for work, too!  With over 500 apps for business, all kinds of companies are looking to the iPad for impressive, portable support.  The unfortunate downside in this trend is that neither laptops nor iPads are ideal […]

Laptop Ergonomics on the Road

Laptop computers are just not designed to be ergonomic; they are portable and compact, but not comfortable. For good ergonomics, the keyboard and monitor have to be separated. But with a laptop, you have to choose between good hand posture and good neck posture. At your home or office, you can add ergonomic tools or […]

Laptop-itis & How to Avoid It

Laptop Woes I work from home and one of the best parts of that {besides wearing pajamas all day if I want}, is being able to work in the comfort of my own home.  There are numerous disadvantages, too, such as MANY distractions and the poor ergonomic choices I am prone to make because I […]

The Pros & Cons of Laptops

The Pros & Cons of Laptops Laptops are wonderfully lightweight and portable, yet they carry a cost, at least ergonomically.  When typing, it’s important to keep good ergonomic posture.  That means not angling, straining, or cocking any part of your body while typing.  Usually when people type on a laptop, at the very best they […]

Maximizing Ergonomics and Productivity for Laptop Users

Laptop Pros and Cons I love my laptop and will never go back to a desktop by choice. But my current job requires more time on my computer and I have begun to notice the strain. Laptops are designed for compact mobility, not ergonomics.  Long term use can take its toll on your body.  I […]