Ergonomic Hacks for Bankers

Ergonomic Hacks for Bankers There are several ways to make bank employees more comfortable, as well as more productive and confidential. Monitor shields.  These visors of sorts play several roles: they block glare from lighting, as well as windows.  More importantly, they shield other observers from seeing confidential information, be it intentional or not.  When […]

Tips for Setting Up an Ergonomic Work Station {even if you’re in a cubicle!}

Too many workers dislike their work space and dread going to work.  It may be that they hate their jobs, but it could also be that poor work station design has contributed to strain, injury, and even loss of productivity.  Getting to achey or sore during the day does not exactly lead to brilliant moods […]

Tips for Dealing with Back, Shoulder, & Neck Pain

Many computer workers complain of back, shoulder, and neck pain.  These types of pains can be surprising since computer users are usually at a desk all day long- they don’t expect to suffer work-related injuries.  Interestingly, it’s because they sit at a desk that they are experiencing this kind of pain. Tips for Back, Shoulder, […]