Tips for Productivity

Tips for Productivity Whether you work in a corner office, a cubicle, or at home, staying focused and productive can be quite challenging.  It’s easy to bang out a few hours of good work every once in a while, but how do we maintain that pace?  How do we do it at home when so […]

Tips for Setting Up an Ergonomic Work Station {even if you’re in a cubicle!}

Too many workers dislike their work space and dread going to work.  It may be that they hate their jobs, but it could also be that poor work station design has contributed to strain, injury, and even loss of productivity.  Getting to achey or sore during the day does not exactly lead to brilliant moods […]

Tips to Balance Home and Work Life

Balancing Home & Work Last time I posted some basic tips for moms on balancing staying at and working from home.  I started with some general guidelines, and they got me thinking I wanted to post some more specific tips for getting it all done and not going crazy!  Avoiding the loony house may sound […]

Ergonomic Products for Educators

Preparing for a New School Year It’s a new school year and time to think about how best to prepare.  The first things that usually come to mind are seating charts, lesson plans, and power point presentations.  There’s no denying their usefulness and even priority in a successful school year, but it’s also wise to […]

Tips for Getting More Out of Your Day

It’s one thing to want more out of your day and quite another to make a plan to get it.  Good intentions are great, but a plan is even better.  In terms of productivity, it’s essential that you have game plan to reclaim those hours frittered away to distraction, as well as some ergonomic principles […]

Increase Productivity with Ergonomics

As I look at my to-do today, I am definitely thinking about ways to improve my productivity, because I can’t possibly get everything done. As my days are getting busier, I have working on new habits for productivity and efficiency. Some of these changes have required some serious discipline, but I have already begun to […]

Ergonomics for Educators

It’s the end of the school year, you’re finishing grading, and administering finals.  I know it’s hard to think about more paperwork or even next year, but now is the best time to submit requests for new equipment.  That’s because if you don’t use your left-over department money, you’ll lose it {and you know it!}. […]

An unlikely ergonomic luxury: sound machine!

Free Babysitting When you live overseas and have 2 small children and a grandparent comes to visit, what must happen?  An overnight trip sans kids, that’s what!  Thus, when my mom came to visit us a few weeks ago, so my husband and I decided to take advantage of free, familial babysitting and head to Edinburgh, which is […]

My Dream Ergonomic Set-Up: Part 3

Since I frequently write about ergonomic trends, principles, and products, I thought it would be fun to day dream about my ideal ergonomic set-up. A little about my needs Before we had kids, I was a high school Spanish teacher and would have loved a wireless presentation keyboard or even a mobile stand for my laptop as […]

Turning an Office into an Ergonomic Haven

Making the Most of His Office My husband is a PhD student in the divinity department. Even though this particular university is well-ranked and especially so in theology, those numbers are not reflected in grad student offices. Shocking, right?  Well, my husband decided to take matters into his own hands and “ergonomify” his office himself. […]