Ergonomic Hacks for Bankers

Ergonomic Hacks for Bankers There are several ways to make bank employees more comfortable, as well as more productive and confidential. Monitor shields.  These visors of sorts play several roles: they block glare from lighting, as well as windows.  More importantly, they shield other observers from seeing confidential information, be it intentional or not.  When […]

Tips for Avoiding Holiday Stress

There is not a time I love more than the holidays!  Thanksgiving is time for eating and sharing with family, while for Christmas, we celebrate the birth of our Savior.  Even for those who aren’t Christians, Christmas is a special time off work and with family and friends.  Regardless of how you spend your holidays, […]

Reduce the Pain of Work-Induced Headaches

Do you experience headaches at the end of a workday? Although headaches are triggered for many reasons, this type can often be traced to muscle tension in the neck and shoulders. Here are a few tips for quick “fixes” that can help: Tips to reduce neck and shoulder tension, and prevent work-induced headaches: Correct your […]

Prevent Carpal Tunnel Syndrome this Halloween!

Halloween is coming, along with the chills and thrills of being scared! What do you find scary? For me as a freelance writer, the idea of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and long term injury in my wrists is a scary thought indeed.  But there are simple changes to our habits that can relieve pain and decrease […]

Maximize Your Productivity with Ergonomics

Everyone wants to get more out of their day, but it takes a plan and discipline to make it happen. Don’t lose hours of work to distractions. Try these very practical tips to reduce distractions and improve your productivity. Fix your posture. Do you know how much energy is wasted through poor posture? A neutral […]

Tips for Protecting Yourself Against Robbery

We recently had our laptops stolen…out of our house…while we were sleeping.  Creepy all the way around.  The whole experience has been truly eye-opening in so many ways.  I thought I would share what we have learned in the hopes of saving you some of the loss we have incurred. Lock your doors. It’s a […]

Tips to Relieve Shoulder Pain

As my work has required more time at a computer, I have found myself struggling with sore, tired shoulders. Most of the pain is caused by poor posture or overworking the muscles. Here are some of the tips that helped relieve the pain in my neck and shoulders. Relax the muscles with heat. Hot compresses […]

Blogging Tips

Tips for Blogging About 2 days ago, I posted some tips for blogging in a more ergonomic fashion, namely by making your gadgetry work more for you.  This included a few ways to up your game with an iPad, a new blogging favorite and rising trend for many computer users worldwide.  As I thought about […]

Tips for Neck & Shoulder Pain

Shoulder & Neck Pain at Work How often do you find that your neck and shoulders ache after a long day at work?  You may not even realize that the pain is a result of work since it seeps into everyday life after  a while.  Usually, these aches and pains come from muscle tension resulting […]

Tips for Fast Relief from Pain in your Hands or Wrists

People with jobs requiring detailed hand movement (such as typing, playing instruments, etc) suffer from wrist and hand pain. These repetitive motions and awkward body positions can create pain in your hands and wrists. These tips are simple, but can help you find fast relief now and prevent injury in the future. Tips for immediate […]